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Employees are the long-term capital of the company and the cornerstone of innovation of the company. At Qisda, we realize that improper human resource management will result in a permanent loss of human power and therefore lose our competitive advantage over time. Therefore, Qisda also strives to provide a fair working environment for its employees and regularly evaluates and audits, adjusting employee management regulations according to local regulations and company status. Qisda effectively improves the working efficiency of its employees via fine working conditions and atmosphere. As of December 31, 2014, the number of full-time employees at Qisda was 10,1311 with 1,627 stationed in Taiwan, 8,504 in China and the rest in other overseas locations.

Recruiting Principles
Qisda publicly selects and recruits employees according to actual business needs while striving in developing various channel project, basing on the principles: suitable talent and post, as well as internal talents precede over external ones. Qisda does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, nationality and gender; it strictly prohibits the use of child labor.

Workforce Distribution
Qisda gives priority to local candidates on recruiting. As an example, with the managers accounted for 33.69% of its total workforce in Taiwan, of which 99.17% were hired locally. In Suzhou, China, managers accounted for 10.5% of its total workforce, while 78.48% of managers were local hires.

2014 Qisda employee profiles by genders and hiring status are shown in the following Table.

Percentages of Local Staff
Governance Bodies by Gender and Age
Employee Headcounts by Labor Type and Gender
Employee Age, Gender, and Education Distribution
Ratios of Standard Entry Level Wage by Gender Compared to Local Minimum Wage

Employee Turnover Rate
When handling an employee’s resignation, HR timely informs the employee’s direct supervisor to conduct an exit interview, in order to get information about the reasons for the employee’s decision and the changes that can be made within the company to retain the employee. However, adequate staff turnover may guarantee continuous joining of new talents. The average demission rate of Qisda in Taiwan remained lower than the average rate in the industry. Affected by the situations in the local labor markets, the average demission rate was higher in China.
Turnover Rate by Labor Type and Gender
Demission Rate by Labor Type and Age
Demission Rate by Gender and Age
Rate of New Employee Hires by Labor Type and Gender
Rate of New Employee Hires by Gender and Age

1. Temporary workers were hired and managed by an outside agency that kept its own data on file. They were not included in Qisda’s regular employee count in 2014.

2. Local employment calculation: total number of locally-hired managers/total number of all managers at the site.

3. Governance bodies are senior managers or managerial level higher than that.

4. For calculating the turnover rate (demission rate and rate of new employee hires) of employees under this chapter, the denominator is based on the total number of employees at year-end of each factory.

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