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Qisda Corporation (originally known as BenQ Corporation) established and funded the BenQ Foundation with the full support from its board of directors in August 22, 2002. As the Group works persistently to promote an enjoyable lifestyle for all fellow humankind, the BenQ Foundation has set a long-term goal to help people discover the beauty of Taiwan with the greatest attempts. Through these endeavors, all companies in the Group realize their role as responsible corporate citizens to give back to the society. In 2014, the foundation also launched activities such as the “Scholarship of Intelligence with Integrity Character”, “Workshop of Intelligence with Integrity Character”, contract farming and adoption “My homeland”, “BenQ Chinese Cinema Fiction Award” and “BenQ East Coast Music Workshop”.

Scholarship of Intelligence with Integrity Character
To help children willing to continue learning but cannot afford tuition fees, Qisda and BenQ Foundation established the “Scholarship of Intelligence with Integrity Character”. Since establishing the scholarship in 2006, over 27,000 diligent and hard-working schoolchildren have received funding.
Workshop of Intelligence with Integrity Character
Each summer vacation, BenQ Foundation plans the “Workshop of Intelligence with Integrity Character”, working with the Department of Education and Social Welfare, Taoyuan as well as Chung Yuan Christian University and Asia University to hold summer camps for underprivileged schoolchildren.

Contract farming and adoption “My homeland”
In 2008, Qisda led its peers by launching contract farming of rice field and BenQ Foundation continued to promote adoption of rice field. For seven consecutive years, the cropland of over 20 acres in northern, central and southern Taiwan saw keen participation of Qisda employees, families and friends to experience the labor of spring cultivation and fall harvest.

“BenQ Chinese Cinema Fiction Award”
To promote the development of cinematic industry content and find good manuscript, the “BenQ Chinese Cinema Fiction Award” article-soliciting activity was first created in 2010, winning support from the cinematic and literary territories of the Chinese and greater China regions. The event has been held for four consecutive years.

“BenQ East Coast Music Workshop”
BenQ Foundation supports original music of Taiwan and holds “BenQ East Coast Music Workshop”. In 2014, the awarded piece was collected and published in the music album of “Under East Coast Moonlight”, letting the echoes of the beautiful land of the island to be passed on and sung long and far away.

Additionally, BenQ Foundation has participated in the “Digital Opportunity Center (DOC)” of the Ministry of Education in a long-term fashion, devoting to remote digital care. Since 2008, the foundation continued to guide 21 counties in Hsinchou and Miaoli in the ability of DOC digital application, market local agricultural products and souvenirs and record humanity history of communities and cultural treasures. The Foundation promotes the digital learning of children, young people, elderly and new immigrants of remote countryside via three aspects—caring education, culture and industry. In 2013 and 2014, the foundation executed “DOC volunteer trip”, asking Qisda employees and families to keenly participate and offer labor services to experience the meanings of sweating and walking and learning about the rich humanity landscape of Hsinchu and Miaoli DOCs. With group buying to support agricultural products, the business model and value of DOC can be spread far away. The results of operations of guidance group are as follows: 

1. Fifteen DOCs in Hsinchu and Miaoli. The guidance group cultivates for a long period of time and grows with DOCs. With systemized digital implementation and various mobile classes established, the coherence and learning ability of DOCs are created while the digital aspect is incorporate in life and used in economic, social and cultural aspects.

2. Guidance group visits local areas. The group customizes plans for each DOC according to various demand and local resources via information courses and characteristic work. For example, the group promotes marketing and small farmer brand design in Mrgwang due to industrial demand; mobile class is widely set up in Wuf Feng due to its territorial environment; classes are actively set up and LOHAS digital aspect is emphasized to realize close local cooperation in Gongguan; Hengshan sees devoted brand operation to market local tea industry. These examples display various and rich aspects of DOCs.

3. Cooperate with annual development guideline. The group guides DOCs to integrate local activities, cultural celebrations and characteristic organizations, launching self-owned promotion and member recruit, training each DOC to manage Internet broadcasting platform, releasing information themselves and strengthening media coverage.

4. Manage menus using systems and frequently launch on-site visit and contact. For many years of operations, the group has established fair cooperation tacit agreement and each DOC is equipped with fair management ability and experience.

The Traveling Diary of DOC Volunteers

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