Manufacturing Operations & Managing Director of Qisda (Suzhou)

Mark Hsiao

Mark Hsiaotransferred from AUO to Qisda in September 2007 and is currently the President of the Manufacturing Headquarters in charge of relevant businesses. Mark Hsiao joined UniPac Optoelectronics, AUO’s predecessor, in 2000. In 2002, he served as the director of small and medium module factories (M2 Plant, L1 Plant), and in 2004, he planned and designed the large-size TV module plant (M11 Plant) while acting as the director of the plant. In January 2007, with his extensive experience and professional knowledge, Mark Hsiao was promoted to serve as Assistant Vice President of the Module Technology Division. In addition to the management of M11 Plant, he was also responsible for the module technology, overseas factory establishment and module outsourcing works. In addition to improvements in factory quality, production quantity and cost control, Mark Hsiao also coordinated the integration with the material supply chain and business departments. Prior to joining AUO, Mark Hsiao had worked for his former employer, Phillips Taiwan, for thirteen years, where he handled factory management. He has accumulated extensive experience in this field. Mark Hsiao graduated from the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Tamkang University.