Our Insistence
Human Resources
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Our Insistence
Compensation and Benefits
Training and Development
Human Structure
Tips & Hints
Employment Policy
  • Qisda will hire the most excellent and suitable people for positions through a fair and equitable recruiting process.
  • Request staff to recognize our management ideal and adapt to the corporate culture.
  • Courageous to work, and never makes mistake for the second time.
  • Be innovative and creative without using the conventional methodologies.
  • Encourage performance and dismissal of incapable. Efficient staff receive more opportunities of promotion.
  • Always consider to promote internal staff.

Development of Talents

  • Strengthen our organizational competitiveness in accordance with company's visions and strategies.
  • Deeply rooting the corporate culture and values in the daily operation of every staff. Training is a co-investment of the company and staff.
  • Emphasize long-term career development and short-term performance.
  • Offering internal and external trainings to integrate with on-job practices

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