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Work Can Just be Fun in the Young Qisda!

At an average age of 30, Qisda staff has made up the young, vigorous, vital, energetic and professional team. The young and high-spirited environment can turn dull, rigid or solemn work into fun, creative and new ideas. Qisda encourages innovative thought, offering plenty of room for staff to exert their creativity. We are not afraid of cool ideas, but afraid of ideas not being fantastic. The company adopts a management model that tolerates learning from mistakes. This is a real encouraging practices of embracing innovative ideas.

Over 50% of professionals in Qisda acquire master degrees or above. 63% of the R&D staff have completed their master degrees and above. They have formed a high-quality professional team. Mutual learning is encouraged among colleagues, integrating learning and teaching at the same time.

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