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Qisda provides ODM/OEM of electronic products and hardware-software integration for consumer, commercial, industrial, medical & lifestyle applications. Our innovative design capabilities contribute to diverse and customized products of 5C: Computer, Communications, Consumer electronics, Car infotainment, Care.

Qisda is a pioneer as well as a leading manufacturer in displays....more
Opto-Mechatronics Products
We are a pioneer in LCD projector mass production, as we are dedicated to the enhancement of brightness, color management, and short throw distance for home or office applications....more
Imaging devices
Qisda's leadership in manufacturing scanner, printer, and multifunctional printer built upon design capability and customer-oriented cooperation....more
Mobile Communications Devices
Qisda's leading expertise in wireless communications can ensure the best value-adding solutions and products for customers....more
Automobile Infotainment Devices
Qisda is a right choice of ODM partner for automotive solutions and infotainment products....more
Healthcare Solutions
Qisda Healthcare solutions empower patients and the people who care for them by improving patient self-care and behavior while enabling care providers to access timely information and intervene before conditions become acute....more
IA Solution
Global leader in the commercial and industrial digital displays, monitors, projectors, and POS systems market...more
Smart Business Solution
With ”tight software-hardware integration, one-stop shop, and innovative IOT applications ” as appeals, we offer integrated solutions in six major domains: Smart Retail, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Healthcare, Smart School, Smart Enterprise, and Smart Energy...more
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