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The goal of a company’s existence is to create value – a type of sustainable value that makes both tangible and intangible contributions as a positive influence in society. A sustainable operation seeks this kind of long-term value. For an enterprise to withstand the test of time, history and culture must be incorporated into its business operations model, and integrity must be set as its highest ethical principle.

Protecting the environment is a duty of a company that takes social responsibility well. Qisda has been investing in pollution prevention and control equipments, implementing plans to prevent from possible pollutions, and monitoring environmental, safety and health performance with high standards. We take into consideration the green design elements, such as reducing or avoiding the use of materials that are harmful to human health or the environment, in the beginning of the design phase of our products. Qisda not only established standards that meet regulations but also set up management goals that are above laws or requirements for its daily operations. Our achievements are extraordinary. Qisda also received prizes from all over the world for our strenuous efforts to fulfill social responsibility.

An individual could work for thirty years at its maximum, but the business reputation of a company can last for more than a hundred years. Through our products, Qisda hope to help every human to utilize its wisdom and make great contribution to the society. In the future, we will continue passing on fresh viewpoints for future lifestyle through our products, services and every touching points with consumers to build a better life for the society!

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