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Qisda Chairman K.Y. Lee believes that the goal of a company’s existence is to create value – a type of sustainable value that makes both tangible and intangible contributions as a positive influence in society. A sustainable operation reflects the very essence of a company’s long-term value creation strategy. For an enterprise to withstand the test of time, history and culture must be incorporated into its business operation models, and integrity must be set as its highest ethical principle.

The Core of Qisda Corporate Sustainable Development — Our Vision and Mission
Qisda has taken our corporate vision and mission as the core foundation to systematize and structuralize our corporate sustainable development in 2010.With various business promotions, we strive to realize the enterprise vision of Qisda: Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life.

Our Vision: 
  • Be an innovator in designing and manufacturing of electronic products, elevate the life quality of our fellow humans, and be friendly to Mother Earth.

Our Mission:

  • Integrity is the fundamental principle that governs our relationship with Qisda’s stakeholders (customers, suppliers, creditors, shareholders, employees) and the public.
  • Create innovate green products that can elevate the life quality of our human fellows.
  • Collaborate with our suppliers and customers to establish a “carbon-balanced” product lifecycle.
  • Provide our employees a healthy and delightful work environment.
  • Generate a healthy corporate profit, as well as provide returns and benefits to our shareholders, employees, and the public.

Qisda Corporate Sustainable Development Structure
Internally named as “Corporate Sustainability Development (CSD)”, Qisda’s sustainability development involves the integration of the triple bottom line – economic, social, and environmental – as the groundwork for structural expansion into a five-dimensional architecture designed to implement Qisda corporate sustainability objectives, strategies, and plans. “Green Products”, “Green Operation”, and “Green Supply Chain” uphold Qisda’s value for environmental protection; “Social Responsibility” for social well being; and “Financial Performance” for economic prosperity.

This five-dimensional architecture supports Qisda’s implementation of corporate sustainability development. We have set long-terms goals in every aspect to guide the implementation of each dimension and every task:

1. Economic: Continually improve manageability and profitability to meet the best interest of our shareholders.

2. Social: Strengthen the commitment to fulfill our social responsibility.

3. Environmental:
a. Green Products: Enhance product design and innovation.
b. Green Operation: Continually improve operational efficiency and work safety.
c. Green Supply Chain: Reinforce corporate social responsibility in the supply chain.

Qisda Corporate Sustainability Development Structure

Qisda Corporate Sustainability Development Committee
In order to ensure smooth and seamless implementation of all corporate sustainability development operations and to build effective communication to address the opinions of our stakeholders, Qisda has integrated related departments to form the Corporate Sustainability Development Committee (CSD Committee). It is also equipped with an IT-supported Management System function to supervise the development of the management e-platform. Each function of the committee submits monthly reports to update work status; the committee convens quarterly meetings to manage targets and performance. The committee organization chart can be seen in the following figure.
Corporate Sustainability Development Committee (CSD Committee)

2014 Corporate Sustainability Development—Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Management Results
Since the systematic implementation of Corporate Sustainability Development in 2010, Qisda has consistently strived to fulfill its sustainable development tasks in economic, social and environmental aspects, and has achieved its annual goals in every aspect. The following chart provides a glimpse at our key performance indicators and the management results in the five dimensions.

In addition, following the performance in 2013, our CSR performance won the silver award of the 2014 Taiwan CSR Awards from Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), showing further acknowledgement of the quality and transparency of the report from the results of 2013. In addition, Qisda ranked twelfth in Asia Pacific and second in Taiwan in Channel NewsAsia Sustainability, proving that Qisda is acknowledged internationally for its sustainability performance.

2014 Corporate Sustainability Development—Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Management Results

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