Chief HR, Sustainability & Risk Officer

Danny Lin

Danny Lin is currently the Vice President of Qisda, Chief Human Resource, Sustainability and Risk Officer, in charge of the Group’s human resource planning, risk management and sustainability governance and development. Under his leadership, the transformation of the Qisda Grand Fleet organization and human resource upgrade demands of Qisda Group have been integrated, thereby enhancing the human capital development and employer brand. This allowed the company to the receive the award for Best Companies to Work For in Asia for three consecutive years. In addition, he has also utilized digital and systematic methods to strengthen the infrastructure and to score high on indicators, in order to effectively increase the sustainability and risk control values, and to assist in the continuous development and growth of the Group. Danny joined Qisda in 2005, where he established the risk management infrastructure and led the company to overcome crises with early preventive deployment. He then assumed the position of auditing head, during which he utilized big data to audit high risk units. He also established an active digital auditing mechanism, achieving an outcome of approximately NT$10 million production value per person per year. In 2018, he assumed his position as Chief Human Resource Officer, and implemented digital transformation along with the establishment of an online knowledge sharing platform, AI interview, and also assisted the fleet to establish the Human Resource 3.0 system. In 2020, he further assumed the position of Chief Sustainability Officer. In addition to the corporate sustainability development of Qisda, he further promoted the common development and sustainability implementation indicators for fleet partners, to facilitate the achievement of the five main objectives of ESG. Danny has extensive experience in the three major fields of risk control, human resources, and sustainability, and is also smart with numbers. In addition, he has established clear targets and focuses for systematic management and the creation of value, and he has the PACRP risk expert (PARIMA) license. Danny Lin graduated from the Department of Risk Management, National Chengchi University, and also a Master’s Degree in Risk Management from Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, and a PhD from the College of Finance and Banking, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology.