GM, Commercial & industrial Business Group

Yuchin Lin

Yuchin Lin is named Vice President and General Manager of Commercial & industrial Business Group at Qisda Corporation, responsible for the business strategy and operation management of the commercial and industrial products. Mr. Lin has devoted time and efforts in high technology industry for decades. With concrete background in electronics engineering and communication technology, he was responsible for several management roles from business development, global operations all the way to president of Alpha Networks, as a major subsidiary under Qisda. He is familiar with technology trend and growing opportunity of the company, that he repeatedly creates innovatively differentiated products meeting global customers’ needs and wants with tremendous trust at all times. Under the rapid changes in technological industry, Mr. Lin has a unique insight of market movement. He attaches great importance to problem solving in the market places and providing customers with solutions of commercial interests. Therefore, in addition to the forward-looking investment layout in terms of technology, he also pays attention to the comprehensive management from product planning, project management, sales to supply chain, etc. He strategically prepares materials many times before the imbalance between supply and demand of key components, so as to ensure the smooth supply of customers and maintain business profits. He served as Sales Head of Japan, Head of Global Sales, GM of Business Group and President of Alpha Networks. Both in 5G business investment and M&A performance, he has made outstanding contributions, laying the foundation for the transformation and growth of Alpha Networks. At the same time, he led the company to become 5G end-to-end solution pioneer in Taiwan, taking the leading position in serving customers’ needs in Japan, Europe and Taiwan, who has rich and holistically practical experience to reinforce Design Manufacturing Service (DMS). Yuchin Lin graduated from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Meiji University in Japan, and he holds an EMBA from National Tsing Hua University.