Qisda Wins 4 TSAAs - 2 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze, Highlighting the Core Competencies of the SDGs

Qisda Group is committed to integrating its core competencies in promoting sustainable action projects, while expanding its fleet to include its members for involvement in achieving the SDGs. Today (12th), we received 4 TSAAs - 2 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze. Among these, the “Endless Source of Clean Energy” and “Shakeng Hongbao to Enrich the Community Industry” won the highest honor of Gold for “Environmental Sustainability” and “Social Inclusion”, “Environmentally Friendly - Packaging Reduction” of the Group’s company Hitron Technologies won Silver in “Environmental Sustainability”, while “The Only Hemodialysis Innovation in Taiwan” won Bronze for “Economic Development”.

"By expanding its sustainability influence and getting the Group’s partners involved in various sustainability action projects had been made possible thanks to the power of its fleet," said Mr. Joe Huang, Qisda’s President."Among the 247 sustainability projects, Qisda proved itself by winning 2 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze covering the balanced development of ESG (environmental, social, and governance). In the future, Qisda will proactively integrate its core competencies to continue to lead its fleet to achieve the SDGs."

Environmental Sustainability Gold Award - ACE Energy “Endless Source of Clean Energy”

Upholding the strategy of “power conservation, power creation, power storage, and power selection”, Qisda has been making an effort to implement green actions since 2012. First, a solar PV system was installed in the Taoyuan headquarters and was certified as a green plant by the MEA in 2019. Moreover, energy-saving measures were deployed for iced water, air compressors, and lighting in 2021. At the end of the same year, new 481 kWp self-generated solar power was officially used.

The team of ACE Energy (formerly BenQ Energy), a company owned by Qisda, gathered energy-saving experts of various professional fields and trained and certified them with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), the only international technology for energy efficiency measurement and verification. ACE Energy has been dedicated to fully deploying “energy solutions” from carbon inventory and energy-saving planning, electricity tariff management, carbon offset applications to air conditioning efficiency optimization and lighting, air compressors, and heat recovery systems. Through grid energy storage and efficient green energy units, energy is stored and saved and carbon further reduced. With extensive experience, ACE Energy also provides customers with “one-stop energy services” to continue to promote endless clean energy, while at the same time reducing operating costs and being environmentally friendly.

Social Inclusion Gold Award - BenQ Foundation “Shakeng Hongbao to Enrich the Community Industry”

As the vision of BenQ Qisda is “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life”, the Group has been supporting the BenQ Foundation in participating in the “Digital Opportunity Center (DOC) Counseling Scheme for Hsinchu and Miaoli” set up by the Ministry of Education in 2008. It is the company’s dedication to care for the groups with high digital divides, particularly middle-aged and elderly people, indigenous people, immigrants, the disabled, and women by improving their information learning experience and digital value-added applications.

The “Shakeng Hongbao” counseling scheme is a long-term project of the BenQ Foundation set up to help the Hengshan Digital Center (DOC established in Shakeng Village, Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County). The central aim of the scheme is to help small tea farmers build their own brand through digital technology incorporated with their daily tea making life. These tea farmers in Shakeng are guided to build their brand using digital tools in order to establish their capabilities with respect to the images, farming beauty, and digital marketing coupled with the economic capacity of the community industry. “Shakeng Hongbao” is sold in Taiwan and overseas after being marketed through online media, thus increasing the community’s economic revenue by NTD2.5 million per year. With “Shakeng Hongbao” tea bags made with low pollution and recyclable materials and through natural farming, we hope to convey the idea of the “tea life, tea culture, and tea economy” to achieve sustainability and co-prosperity, therefore expanding the influence of social inclusion.

Environmental Sustainability Silver Award - Hitron Technologies “Environmentally Friendly - Packaging Reduction”

Qisda’s Hitron Technologies is a leading global broadband equipment brand. Although Hitron is already using 100% recyclable paper packaging materials, the amount of packaging materials used each year can be significant. In line with the SDGs’ “sustainable consumption and production”, a Packaging Reduction Task Force, led by the institutional sector, was established in 2021, to focus on packaging reduction.

By 2021, a total of 4 models at Hitron Technologies have undergone packaging design reduction varying from 13.7% to 41.1% (average weight reduction of 25.21%), equivalent to a reduction of 75.05 metric tons of carbon emissions. While the company is making an effort to cut down resource consumption, it is at the same time reducing GHG emissions. With more models going through changes of the packaging design and the increase in the volume of shipments, the continuous environmental benefits will be immense.

Economic Development Bronze - BenQ Dialysis “The Only Hemodialysis Innovation in Taiwan”

BenQ Dialysis has combined Taiwan’s talented senior doctors of biomedical science with Qisda’s 30 years of production management experience to continue to enhance key core technologies. A dialyzer, sometimes known as an artificial kidney, is an extremely critical part of hemodialysis, and BenQ Dialysis is the only major dialyzer manufacturer in Taiwan since its establishment in 2014.

With an increasing number of people in need of hemodialysis, BenQ Dialysis, as a leading dialyzer manufacturer in Taiwan, strives to solve the production needs. BenQ Dialysis has been promoting the CIP (continuous improvement program) and building the “pre-assembly equipment for Taiwan’s only automated dialyzer”. To increase the production line automation, smart manufacturing has been proactively introduced to utilize information and increase the production efficiency. As well as this, a human-machine collaboration approach has also been developed to provide high quality, safe, and effective medical devices, further achieving the SDG 9 “industry, innovation, and infrastructure” and implementing corporate sustainable development.

The TSAAs encourage the achievement of successful sustainable development cases through innovative strategies, thus prompting the participating entities to make contributions with respect to social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and economic development. In the second year of the TSAAs, a total of 136 entities with 247 projects took part with 69 judges made up of experts, scholars, and successful people within society. According to the organizers, the overall performance of the companies has improved significantly with regard to sustainability and individual cases of excellence. With the efforts put in by all sectors, it is hoped that a sustainable home will be created for present and future generations.