We are the second largest LCD monitor manufacturer in the world, and have deep roots in the development of household, commercial, and professional high-end, medical and smart displays.


Qisda is specialized in the design manufacturing services (DMS) of LCD products,with the second-largest market share in the world. In addition to maintaining excellent customer relationships, we also actively implement vertical integration work for the panel module assembly and in-house manufacturing of mechanical parts, in order to increase the added value. Furthermore, we continue to research and develop new functions in the field of technology, in order to actively develop differentiated display products for special applications. Our products are used in household and commercial LCDs, professional high-end LCDs, medical displays and smart displays.

Commercial Displays
With simple and compact appearances and equipped with appropriate input interfaces (VGA, HDMI, DP, USB) and OSD operation, our products allow users to efficiently complete various document tasks and reports, thereby increasing work productivity and quality.
Gaming Displays
Through technologies such as high refresh rates, fast response times and FreeSync/G-Sync, our products can satisfy gamers’ demands for speed and image quality. In addition to flat displays, we also provide curved gaming displays with different curvatures, in order to allow users to experience different levels of immersion and experience the game as though it was real.
Advance Color Enhancement
For the needs of professionals, we have designed displays with wide color gamuts, high color precision and consistency, so that our displays are able to vividly present the true color of the object for work with both dynamic and static images. In addition, our displays are able to allow creative works to maintain consistent colors when transmitted between different types of imaging equipment.
Displays equipped with professional color management and local dimming are provided for photography and video post-production. Edge and direct backlight modules are able to achieve local dimming. With software and hardware solutions, high dynamic range (HDR) can be instantly performed in several thousand zones. Our displays are designed to have four-side ultra-thin frames and are equipped with special functions for privacy and portability and they have Eyesafe certification for eye protection technology. Gaming displays come with G-Sync R4, super-fast refresh rates and night vision functionality. These are technologies and products successfully developed by Qisda.
Accuracy & Consistency
We have self-developed color calibration software/hardware and calibrator to perform color correction and adjustment, thereby increasing the color precision of individual displays and color consistency among displays.
Local Dimming
A design with edge or direct backlight modules is adopted in conjunction with system control to control the brightness of individual zones according to input signals, thereby presenting the most optimal contrast and image quality.
High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Software and hardware solutions are utilized to dynamically and instantly adjust the brightness and contrast according to the needs of different scenes, in order to vividly present image details in both bright and dark states.
Technologies and Applications for Gaming
Professional gaming displays with high refresh rates, fast response times and G-Sync/FreeSync; OSD and application software have been developed to facilitate the operation by gamers.
Eyesafe Display Technology
Through the design of software and hardware, blue light elements that may cause harm to human eyes are reduced, and the displays have passed the TÜV Low Blue Light and Eyesafe certifications.

Other Products