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Qisda comprises a professional young team that adopts open and accountable management model with special emphasis in teamwork, communication and total delegation. In other words, rigid and conventional working mode can never be found here.

Our rejuvenating policy creates lots of vitality to the organization. Subsequently, Qisda welcomes fresh graduates from the universities, allowing them to face challenges in different situations.

The products and business deployment of Qisda make people believe that this is a prospective company. But the most surprising thing is that the corporate culture here is so deep-rooted!

My first impression to Qisda is its systematic operation. After working here, the working environment and the interaction among the employees urge us to grow and progress together.

Working in Qisda gives me a sense of stability that I have always longed for. I appreciate the concentration and focus that everybody holds in their work and the pleasant talk off the office hours. I like the attentiveness of Qisda too, whether in the aspect of activities arrangement to the meals offered in the canteen. It's really a great place to work!

The full delegation of our department heads gives us room to exert our full capabilities!

After a busy day, I really love to enjoy sweating in the ball courts.

From the first day joining Qisda, I feel the harmony and energy here. But the most impressive thing is the legacy of experience from senior staff to their subordinates. Every new staff is able to learn the work and every workflow of different teams. This would smooth things out with excellent communication.

I appreciate the enthusiasm of Qisda members, whether towards people, life or work!

Qisda is more like a treasure house, I learn and profit far more than my contribution. I'm glad to take, and of course willing to give.

Qisda is a large family. The company cares about the health of colleagues, reminds us to pay attention to our eating and drinking habits, and also cares for our living and mental health. I had never treated my health so seriously before, but the company has noticed this instead.

Qisda is unique in the way that our colleagues are very enthusiastic and willing to share their knowledge, especially to the new colleagues. They never keep their techniques as sort of a secret, but rather share them generously. This is quite unusual in the R&D-based companies.

There's one good thing working in Qisda --- the company is willing to invest on employees. Apart from the training courses offered by the company internally, Qisda supports employees to further study after work.

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