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Qisda's complete training development system and curricular contain exclusive courses tailor-made for talents with different scope of knowledge at different ranks. Every year, more than 100 courses are offered. The training hours of every internal staff exceed 60 per year in average!
Passionate and Lively New Employee Program
In order to let newcomers rapidly know Qisda before entering company. Qisda design a newcomer training course ”Win Camp”, which is unique and taking five days and four nights. On the period of Win Camp, our mail facts are teaching the common abilities of BenQ-AUO Group talent to newcomers and delivering the corporate culture to them. Then, let all newcomers can absorb knowledge and skills within short time, and feel the culture of BenQ-AUO Group-Vision, Value, Mission, and Spirit.

We abandon the traditional type teaching, but adapt inter-dynamic type of all courses on Win Camp. It not only raises the effects of adult studying, but also transmits the image of Qisda-“Enjoyment Matters” insidiously. Besides, the framework of Win Camp is very completeness. Firstly, the newcomer could know Qisda by website information-we talk it “Touch Qisda”. Then, they will “Feel Qisda”-on the period of Win Camp. Finally, they will really “Love Qisda”-after Win Camp, we will hold many continued activities for these newcomers.

Competency-Based Management Training Program

To foster leadership in different management levels, Qisda has a well designed management training program. Managers who complete the required courses in a systematic manner all have terrific improvement on their managerial competencies.

Qisda’s management program is aim to equip our managers with people management skills, to excite line manager’s initiative, to facilitate their persuasion and influence, furthermore, to build up their ability on setting business strategies and driving change.

Customized Learning Service System

Through Learning System, employee can search training information, register the course, fill in and follow up the application, and download teaching materials and upload homework etc. Moreover, employee can make himself or herself learning plan and read on-line courses via Learning System. Employee and managers also can get themselves and their subordinates’ training records by clicking a button easily.

Qisda also plans other diversified training systems for the on-job staff. Based on the job nature, Qisda offers different training systems for skilled workers, managers, those exposed to international business functions, R&D staff, marketing and sales staff etc. Liaising practices with theories, these training courses increase their professional knowledge, allow them to apply these effective learning in their daily life.

Apart from offering professional training courses, Qisda emphasizes the concepts of lifelong learning and career planning. Subsequently, its self-development training system is the best weapon for colleagues to develop their careers and plan their futures more comprehensively.

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