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What Questions will be Asked? 
Motivation and Objectives of the Application

  • Self introduction
  • Why do you apply for this job?
  • What do you expect from this job?
  • How much do you know about Qisda? Why do you want to join Qisda Corporation?


  • What is your capabilities that makes you feel competent for this job?
  • How is your past working experience help to be competent for this job?
  • What certificate, license or experience that can prove your professionalism?
  • Please analyze your merits in this application, and what are your demerits that need to be improved?

Personal Characteristics

  • What do you like more, teamwork or independent work? Why?
  • In your past studying or working experience, what problems had you been encountered? How did you solve them?
  • What kind of working environment do you want to work in?
  • Tell us an example of how you interact with other people in a team.

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