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May I know what vacancies Qisda are available right now?
You can enter "Jobs List" and check the vacancies of Qisda.
If I have submitted an online application for my desirable job, how can I be sure that your system or supervisors have received my resume?
After you have submitted your resume, the system will automatically transfer your resume to the supervisors concerned for examination. You can enter "Submission Record" of "Member Profile" to make sure your submission was succeeded.
If I find that there is no vacancy suitable for me, should I fill out the resume form?
If you only fill out the resume form and do not indicate your desirable vacancy, the system will not transfer your resume to any supervisors. Your resume will be kept in Resume Database. If you find any vacancy suitable for you in future, you can use the filed resume to proceed a speedy submission of application.
I have completed online application for a position, but how come there's no further news from you?

According to your resume data and the existing vacancies, the supervisors would undergo a preliminary selection, and then inform the qualified candidates by phone or email to attend interviews. We apologize that the unqualified applicants will not be informed.
If I want to go to your company for an interview, how can I get there?
Please refer to the Location Map of Qisda in our website. Please be reminded that Qisda Corporation sets business branches in Taipei, Taoyuan and Hsinchu. Please check the exact place of interview first.
I want to change my password and resume. How can I do that?
You can go to "Resume Maintenance" of "Member Profile" to change your password or resume.
I forgot whether I have applied for any of your vacanciesv!

You can go to "Submission Record" of "Member Profile" to check the details of your past submission record.
I have applied for a password, but I cannot register?
Please recheck if your password is correctly entered. If you have forgotten your password, the website provides for you the function of tracing your password. If you still cannot register, please email to for prompt handling.
I still don't understand some items, but I can't find the answers here?
Please email your problems to We shall reply you as soon as possible.

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